Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What A Treasure!

So do any of you remember the old Fisher-Price toys?

I went to a friends thrift store this past saturday. And most thrift store can no longer (because of some law stuff) sell toys. Well while I was in there she said she had something I might like. Some one brought in TWO HUGE bags of some thing she felt bad turning away. The person was being so generous.....
Well guess what it was?

Old and like new Fisher-Price stuff!!!!!!!!!
A barn, cows ( that still had their tales!!), sheep.
The house, with a man and car,and well the list goes on.
This is a very BIG blessing and the fact that it is enough for all 5 to enjoy together just adds the proverbial Icing to the BIG cake. It also came at the perfect time since we have had 2,
and could possibly have a 3rd day of rain (in a row).

It has been nice to see things Josh and I remember playing with, bringing such joy to our own kids.
Oh and I can't believe I forgot that best part. Since the store couldn't sell them, she gave them to us.
I am trying to think of a special way to say thanks. The store gives it's proceeds to help cancer patients so maybe we can make something to donate.

I hope where ever you are you are feeling well and able to see the refreshing signs of spring
popping up around you.
Stay warm dry and peace filled


For Our Family said...

I remember that barn & have been looking everywhere for one for Ashton!! Good find!!

Melly said...

Hey Ashley now that I know that if I see one I'll get it for you! I have also really enjoyed reading your blog. I often want to comment but usually get called away before I have the chance. Love and miss you!

Audra said...

Vintage Fisher Price toys are so hard to find. What a blessing! I wondered why our thrift store didn't have toys anymore. Interesting. How wonderful that all your kids can enjoy such great toys!