Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home again! Home again!

Home at last! Aaahhh. Fresh air. The comforts of home we have been home about an hour and we already have laundry going, baby in a cloth diaper, bread going in the bread maker. Oh how I love being home.
Will post pics later of our trip to and from Chicago for sis-in -law's wedding it was so lovely and full of Mennonite tradition. The dancing oh the dancing!.....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Weekend Away! PART 2 Aliens?

Sand Circles!!!

Is this the work of aliens?

It was a joy to spend some long awaited time at the beach.

We all miss living by the ocean.

Who knows maybe we will again some day, till then we'll keep a shell in our pocket.

I hope you enjoy the laughter as much as we did!

A Weekend away! PART 1 Yeehaa!

The maiden voyage in our new to us thrifted ( for just $5) BIG red wagon!!!!
Can we hear a Yeehaa!
playing we are little girls again...
sittin' pretty

...the friends we meet along the way.....I found this little guy in my sandel when we got to the park...