Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home again! Home again!

Home at last! Aaahhh. Fresh air. The comforts of home we have been home about an hour and we already have laundry going, baby in a cloth diaper, bread going in the bread maker. Oh how I love being home.
Will post pics later of our trip to and from Chicago for sis-in -law's wedding it was so lovely and full of Mennonite tradition. The dancing oh the dancing!.....


Angela said...

I can't wait for your pictures. :) I hope all of you had a great time. Are you guys in Texas now or at my Aunt Jeans? Can't wait to hear from you. Josh has my e-mail. :)

Love, Angela

gardenmama said...

i love your descriptions of the comforts of home, there certainly is nothing like it : )