Thursday, December 31, 2015

a little joy to end the year...

I am so glad to have spent our Christmas Eve with some dear friends...we hope to make it our new yearly tradition
(wow all 10 of us in the same picture! this sure makes my mama heart happy)

(me and my 3 littlest boys)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


  yes I realize it is November and we started our home school year back in September ... but I am finally (close to) comfortable with our "Drawing Room" as it has been called by the kids.

not great with words...(something of JOY)

so I have finally come to a realization (after many years) 
that I am not a blog writer. :( 
Oh well. Does the world really need another blogger anyway :)

I have decided not to totally give up on the blogging way, but instead will do my best to share a picture everyday of something Joyous . I am doing this for me as a mental motivation. I am doing it to keep me aware that there is more then me here in my everyday. I am doing this to give myself something of Joy to remind that she is with me always, even when I do not feel her.

A daily dose of thankful...

thankful for the nice weather in November that the kids can spend lots of time in the yard finding cool things like this beautiful birds nest...