Monday, March 15, 2010

Lovely Rainy Day!

Oh what a sweet treat, is time with my little buddy Trace!
(check out those dimples)
We went out to the thrift store for some much needed pants for this not so little buddy, Agway to finally order our chickens, and last but surly not least to indulged our selves in some choclate. In the form of milk and doughnuts. What could make this rainy day any better!

I also had the joy of starting and finishing a little project. All in one day! Amazing!
( It was very odd putting a picture into water)

I have been wanting to do something a little diferent with a few of the kid's baby pictures that I have saved over the years. So I seen some people use the printer fabric and thought I could give a go. The process was fun and simple ( simple is the key right now). Josh helped pick the picture and also helped get it printed correctly. I bought the hoop at the thrift store today (thrifting is so fun). The pink fabric was a remnant of one of her baby blankets. And the green and white fabric used as the hanger was form the binding of her toddler quilt. Oh the memories.And finally the dear picture of Aliza was taken by a good friend when she was just 2 weeks old. She is now 3. How time flies.
(So small and sweet, holding Daddies finger)
We are going to do one of each of the kids and hang them in our room!
I hope to be able to show them all as they arrive.
As always thanks for stopping by!
Stay warm and peace filled!
~ Melly~


Audra said...

Beautiful Melly! What a great idea. I've never used printer fabric but maybe we'll give it a try. I love that you used fabric from her quilts. And the picture is precious! She looks so tiny.

Melly said...

Thank you! I love the way it came out too! You must try it. It was so fun. Just make sure to get the colorfast one. Jo-Ann fabrics has a great selection. I got the Tailor brand sew-in Colorfast in white. It's 100% cotton too! Yeah! And yes some times I feel silly saveing some of the things that I do. And then little projects like this come along and the saved things aren't so silly (smile) .

Anonymous said...

Oh Melly, this is too precious! And all the memerable details add so much to it. This one looks simple enough for me to try! :o)


Anonymous said...

I love the pic! It's great!