Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh sweet Maple Tree how I love thee!

(Dag enjoying his treat)

So today was Maine Maple Sunday!
We got to enjoy going to a Sap House with some friends.
Unfortunately the kids had more fun hiding in the (fake) well,
but that's boys for ya.
The place was really great they answered any questions we had.
They had samples of maple sugar coated peanuts,
maple butter, apple crisp(made with maple syrup) and cider sweetened with maple.

As always thanks for stopping by!
Hope you all had as lovely weekend as we did.
Stay warm and peace filled


Tracey said...

What a GREAT photo of your mom, Mel! How beautiful!!! Tell her I miss her!

Audra said...

Oh how I wish our family could have joined you for Maine Maple Sunday! What a great outing!!! I've always wanted to see maple syrup being made. Thanks for sharing your weekend!