Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Inner Garden...

I have been thinking a lot lately about growth, watching things bloom in our garden and beginning plans for planting new things.
Also the growing up of my own little sprouts (the kids)
Well in these thoughts I was brought to a little reading in Celebrate The Seasons. This quote is shared by Gordon MacDonald"Bringing order to the spiritual dimension of our private worlds is spiritual gardening. it is the careful cultivation of spiritual ground. The gardener (God) turns the soil, pulls out unwanted growth, plans the use of the ground, plants seeds, waters and nourishes, and enjoys the harvest result. All of this is what many have called spiritual discipline. I love the words of Brother Lawrence, a reflective Christian of many centuries ago who used the metaphor of a chapel: "' It is not needful always to be in church to be with God.We make a chapel of our heart, to which we can from time to time withdraw to have gentle, humble, loving communion with Him. everyone is able to have these familiar conversations with God. Some more, some less-He knows our capabilities. Let us make a start. Perhaps He only waits for us to make one whole-hearted resolve. Courage! We have but a short time to live. Let us begin soon, time is short! The discipline of the spirit must begin Now'"
(Ordering Your Private World, Moody Press, 1984, pages 128-129)

I truly want to be what my loving Gardener planted me to be.
I want to live this before the eyes of my lovely little sprouts,
so that they may be encouraged to do the same.
He has put me here and equipped me with everything that I need to do what He created me for.
All I need to do is hand over my shovel, and be willing to grow and blossom.

I pray you find inspiration and encouragement in this time with me.
Love and Peace to You!


Audra said...

Thank you for sharing this! I love the idea of being a garden and Him the gardener. The truth that He has equipped us to do everything we need to do in our life is so comforting to me. Have a beautiful day friend!

Melly said...

Thanks that some one is reading what I take time to say. You would really like for stopping by. It means so much to methe book this little study came from. I started a book list so it is on my side bar. I will add more when I can love melly

Bley said...

What a beautiful quote with your own reflections added to it! Several years ago I did a print series based on John 15, and our Father/Gardener. I will have to pull them out and share soon on my blog.

And what a lovely family you have! Such a blessing.

patty-jean said...

What a beautiful quote! your words are deeply inspiring. Nice to meet you Melly - looks like we have quite a bit of common reading interest!

have a great day!