Friday, January 29, 2010


Hello All! I finally got the cereal made! It came out good. The one on the left is the finished Healthy N' Happy and the other is the Graham Nuts before the first baking. I and my husband liked them both the kids liked the graham nuts as a snack. Some friends and family stayed with us over night this weekend and their kids loved the graham nuts. At first they thought it was brown sugar, who wouldn't love a bowl of that for breakfast?

So any one who wants the recipes can find them both at
you should be able to type homemade cereal and find the list. It seemed that most of the cold cereal was nearer the bottom of the list.
I feel good having been able to fulfill my goal for January. Still pondering for February. Any ideas out there?

I also thought ya'll would like to see a few of the kids on their new family heirloom sled :). It was used by their paternal grandfather and his siblings as kids, how fun! Lets just pray for more snow soon, very soon.
And this is me in the first sweater I knit for myself. I got the pattern at it is the shalom cardigan. It was so fun and thrilling to make something that big, and have it look good.
Oh and I forgot to say the healthy n' happy is more like muesli less like granola, my favorite way to have it is with yogurt.
Thanks for stopping by let me know if you have any questions or comments about the cereals or the sweater. Stay warm and peace filled. ~ Love Melly~


Audra said...

You look great in your sweater!!! I've never knit one for myself. You are amazing to finish big projects with little ones all around. At least mine have stopped pulling out my needles! :)

Anonymous said...

Your sweater is super cute, I'm so glad I got to see it in person! I'm going to try the grahm nuts soon but am going to check our COOP store for grahm flour first- otherwise I'll just sub the whole wheat flour like you did. Maybe Feb. change could be growing herbs on your window sill? You get such great light and who doesn't like herbs that are practically free and oh so fresh!


Melly said...

HEY Kate thanks that is a wonderful idea!!! I think that is what I'll do!

Lilly's Home said...

The homemade cereal looks so delicious!!
Can't wait to see your kitchen herb garden! It is wonderful to make changes and improvements in our lives.