Monday, February 8, 2010

My February Change is here!

If you remember I had asked for help in figuring out my change for this month. And thanks to my dear friend Kate I have it. She, noticeing how much lovely sun my kitchen (and whole house for that matter) gets; said "why don't you grow some herbs". I thought what a brilliant idea.
So I am going to put a sweet little shelf in front of one of my kitchen windows. On it I will grow several great herbs for cooking and maybe a bulb or two for extra color. I also got a nifty idea from another blogger to have what I think she called a living center piece, on our dinning table. She had mint,and a few other things I can't remember. And she said her kids thought it was " awesome". We will have fun growing some more things there too.
I also wanted to take it one step further. I thought why not try puting some kind of a plant in EVERY room, especially maybe something with flowers. Who wouldn't love a little more color in this very dreery month of February? I know I would.
Thank you Kate for your inspiration. I will hopefully get some good pictures of all our planting fun. So check back at the end of the week.

Thanks for stopping by, Stay warm and peacfilled! Melly


Ruzena said...

This blog directly lines up with something one of my other friends was talking about. (growing herbs and stuff)

Actually, you two would probably get along really well. She's about my age, newly married, and into a lot of the same things you are (like making clothes.) :)

You can find her blog at:

For Our Family said...

Hey!! You might find this blog interesting too:

Kate said...

I feel so special that you chose my idea! I'm so jealous of your great sunny house, although I love the cool temp here in the summer! Another bonus of all those new plants will be the better air quality plants bring. Happy planting!

Audra said...

We recently started having houseplants again. The kids and big pots of dirt factor had affected our love of houseplants. We read that they can clean toxins out of your air and thus began our houseplant craze. I would love to have some herbs growing though. Don't have a huge amount of natural light but probably enough. Thanks for the inspiration!

Melly said...

Thank you all for your comments! I am really enjoying the little community that is being built here.