Friday, January 8, 2010

One Small Change: My January Change

Happy New Year All!!! About a week ago I found a post by the mom at Hip Mountain Mama. She is challenging any one who desires to make one small change each month from January to Earth Day in April. The changes can be big or small what ever you feel you can handle and see them through to completion.

I have had to put a lot of thought into this idea. With Josh not working still, money is ...well not really here. During this time we are being blessed by our friends and the community. This means food and household changes are almost impossible. We already use less fuel , check . We heat with a wood stove, check. Compost, check. Recycle, check. So along with a few other things we already do to conserve what ever we can , I asked my self what is left?

I thought I could, even with small and some times non existent budget, I could try eliminating boxed cereal from our kitchen and diet. At first I thought it would be hard to find good easy to make ( specifically cold cereal). Well last night I found this great sight Mr Breakfast. It had many great recipes and a good number of them were for COLD CEREAL Yahoo !!! I am hoping that at least one of them will be liked by my picky boy, the other 4 I think would eat dirt if you made it look good (haha). :)

So this is my small change for January. I will post the recipes and pictures as we try them.
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If you join in the challenge let me know by commenting on this post. Enjoy a blessed and fulfilled Year.

Much Love Melly


Anonymous said...

The challenge is inspiring! I'm constantly looking for healthier and environmentally (and buget friendly!!!!) changes. Thanks for helping to turn me on to cloth diapering, it's working so well for us! I also just ordered a sprout grower and seeds for the cost of shipping- yay! It'll be so nice to grow something in the mid of January.

I'm sorry I didn't call you yesterday but I thought of you and off times. Did you get to have cake? Thanks for paving the way to 30 for me!


Hip Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for joining Melly! What a great first change. I am very interested to hear how it goes. I always cringe when buying cereal that comes in a bag that comes in a much wasted packaging!
Good luck!

Audra said...

We eat "box cereal" very rarely at our house. It's an occasional treat. I have made granola for about 8 years now but it's not the favorite any more. I cook breakfast most mornings and have about 5 items that everyone likes and are easy enough for a sleep deprived mama to put together. Thanks for the Mr. Breakfast site, I'll check that out for sure. Thanks too for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm enjoying yours!