Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wondering Wednesday!

Oh what beautiful weather we had today!
We spent most of the day outside. We played, watched chickens, planted, sat on a blanket and read some of one of our favorite series; The Magic Tree House.

Then Lizzie and I did some wondering!

It was so fun to find some daisies, they are one of my favorite flowers.

We also got in some swinging time down by the river! I wish everyone could have a view like this!

It was so special to have some one on one time with my girl!
While we were wondering, the boys were playing in the dirt, can't get any better!

As always, thanks for dropping by! And I hope you too had a Wonderfilled Day


Misty said...

OH my, Melly, she has gotten so big!! What a cutie! Yes, i agree, we should all have a view like that. It's wonderful!

Audra said...

She looks darling! How are you feeling? I'm glad you can get out and enjoy a beautiful day while you are waiting.