Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally ...

Ta Da flying Baby!!!
This next pic is a wool felted ball I made for Dag the other day. It started out from a mistake.
Some of the best things start out that way, don't they!
It started with a beautifull skein of baby blue mohair/wool blend getting in with a load of wash :(.
While taking the clothes out to go in the dryer there it was. There was no undoing it. So I stop for a minute to think... it was already round... why not make a ball with it. So I used a rattle recycled from an old toy :) stuffed it in the center stuffed it in the toe of a clean sock(to help keep it round), threw it in the dryer with everything else. After that I thought I would make it look nicer by needle felting some agua and red felting wool that I had to the outside.
I am pleased with it and he enjoys rolling it around. :)


This is our two oldest boys with a few of there friends this same time last year in Texas.
My how time does fly.

My little lady playing house. This brings me so much joy...
She is enjoying the little rug I'd been working on hand sewing for her over the last few weeks. It's Finally done!!!This rug is the inspiration of another blogger
thank you so much Amanda.

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