Friday, June 17, 2011

...adventure?... I sit here this gloomy New Hampshire weather.  And I think how much this weather and my life have in common.  Gray sunless skyies, hidden hope of something unknown yet to come.  Rain when all I want is to play,  the undesired change of plans. I sit here watching my six wonderful little adventure companions... I see them play in the rain that I was wishing away, they are my hope that I can continue on this unknown path.  I see them run to me and say "come and play".

...So I shall run to them and say thank you for being my lovely rays of sunshine in these cloudy days of mine...

...So I say YES to this Grand Adventure which is MY LIFE...

1 comment:

Job38 said...

Sounds like you are overcoming in a difficult time.
Hugs to you!
Katie K