Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Sweet Moment... that I have come out of my sugar induced coma , thanks to none other then the above pictured marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate chips...
maybe I really can survive the rest of this crazy cold weather.
It was so great to have a few "sweet" moments with just one boy. I have had a very hard time as of late feeling like I am doing well connecting one on one with my six little sweet hearts. And I have been searching high and low to find a fun and meaning filled some thing to share with them...
I have come to see lately that All six of them have a very different way of giving and receiving love, attention, affection, how you want to say it...
Kid numero Uno ...( you'll understand my use of espaniol in a momento)
...Well He IS quirky and fun. He loves to take things apart put them back together, likes being crafty in sewing and reusing what ever he can get his "paws" on. Paws that's the "quirky" part at any given moment he could be Him or any animal you can think up, real or not.
Kid numero Dos...very active brainy. And most of the time simple to please. Happy to be your right hand buddy in just about any task from cleaning to building. See? short and simple!
Kid numero Trace....Hey and his name is even Trace how "funny" is that! ( just a little play on words)
And boy is He Funny! He loves to make you laugh with a good joke and dance with you till your dizzy.
Little miss number 4! She is for sure the diamond in the rough (she being the Diamond and the 5 Rough boys :-)
She loves to play little mommy yet still loves to play knights in battle with "her boys" as she calls them.
And then my Sunny little number 5! Just 2 and so willing to play with any and all. He will cuddle for the reading of book after book after book...And man can he Shake the house will his Jolly Jumping!
Last but definitely not the least is Baby #6! He turns 9 months on Friday :-( I love that he is growing up. But time just seems to move faster and faster. At the moment he is still mostly entertained by watching the others. But I know all too well that won't last for long. Very soon we will start to see his dreams and hear his joys.
And isn't that what life is all about? Seeing and enjoying what is right here at our finger tips! Every thing from Marshmallows to Quirky. Brainy to Dizzying. Lovely to Jolly.
That is a lot more then I started out wanting to say. But there you have it. The beautiful uniqueness of all my children.
May I be filled with all the creativity it takes to love each of them as they should be loved.
p.s. in case any one wanted it the hat I am knittng is here . So fun and a nice simple knit for any busy mama! And I so love her blog!


Robin said...

I love you Melly! It was such a sweet blessing to read your post this morning! (Even thought I'm not "supposed" to be on the internet.) I miss you friend!

Joyce said... inspire me....God has truly gifted you with a special tenderness ....your
children are so blessed to have you....

Melly said...

thank you Joyce. I am glad to share my heart!

Melly said...

Robin I also have been missing you! Thsnks for stop'n by! Love Ya!

Audra said...

Your family is very blessed to have a mama that studies and pursues them! I love the descriptions of each of your kids, how I wish my kids could play with yours. What fun they would all have!

patty-jean said...

Melly, you look too young to have 6 beautiful children! I love your description of each of them. Our fourth is on his/her way; children...siblings.. they do create a lovely quilt of personality to our homes!
Lovely blog btw!

Sharon said...

Great post! I miss you all, give everyone a hug for me!

Job38 said...

Oh, those hats are simply beautiful. Way easier for you than for me though! :) I know what you mean about a little time with each child. This morning I was blessed to have some time with Shane and the two youngest out in the yard to work on gardening. Not a ton of work...just a few minutes, but it was a very peaceful way to connect with family.